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Preserving and Protecting Lorence Creek Park

Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.

– Mahatma Gandhi

Lorence Creek Park Preservation

proposed save lorence creek park greenway trailhead survey
Bird Habitat

Studies find that human traffic negatively affects the forest bird community along trails. Additionally, these Studies have found that  prevention of trail construction in undeveloped natural habitats reduce human access, and thus disturbance, most efficiently.  Bottom line, undeveloped parks with no urban trail structure, keep impact low due to less human traffic and protect wildlife.  

proposed lorence creek park greenway trailhead survey
Unfragmented Habitat

The opportunity to protect un-fragmented wilderness habitat is shrinking every day.  Most importantly Lorence Creek Park needs our help now to be saved from proposed greenway extension transient recreational traffic that fragments San Antonio’s only low impact nature park.  

Only two blocks from Lorence Creek Park Natural Area, is the nearly 1000 acre McAllister park that provides many miles of trails and developed park infrastructure.

Get Involved

Friends of Lorence Creek Park is a wonderful organization and invites you to get involved.  This is an opportunity to educate your children and grand children on the importance of preservation.  We can have an impact and so can children!

Habitat Diversity

Preventing transient traffic through a preserve encourages habitat diversity. Ecosystems around the globe are facing habitat homogenization due to human activities. Subsequently, habitat loss and fragmentation due to human activities is the leading cause of the loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services.  In addition, homogenized ecosystems will reduce the diversity of species and consequently diminish valuable ecosystem functions and services. 

owl on proposed trailhead
fawns in proposed greenway extension survey
deer looking up in lorence creek