askey Nature center for the intrepid

Who are the askey's ?

Dave and Marie Askey support our military through their cyber security training company.  They purchased property with the intent that it will ultimately be used as a Nature Center for the Intrepid.  When Dave and Marie found out about the city’s effort, they wrote a letter to the city so that the city and their Councilman may understand the consummate goal for their property.  

From: David Askey
Subject: Proposed Lorence Creek Greenway Trailhead 
Date: August5, 2020 
To: [email protected]

Dear Councilman and City Authorities,

My wife and I own about 8 acres of property at 14117 Jones Maltsberger. San Antonio has a Proposed Lorence Creek Greenway Trailhead and is holding an online seminar on August 7th at 2 PM regarding the project. We have been contacted by the city to see if we would be interested in selling our property and stated we were not interested. We additionally contacted Bryan Naylor of District 9 to let him know we would not sell the property, and he informed us they were not looking at forceful purchase of property for the trailhead.

As this process moves forward we would like to provide you with information to understand our desire not to sell. My wife, Marie, and myself have owned and operated a cyber training company, TechNow, in San Antonio for over 30 years. Our business has taken us all over the world to support the US military. In the mid to late 2000’s we were spending an extended period of time at Ramstein AFB, Germany. During that time we began volunteering at the Wounded Warrior Center adjacent to the Landstuhl hospital. Time spent with our young military who were brought over directly from the hospital had a profound affect on us. That experience led us on a path to find some way to have a positive impact on the lives of the severely wounded and their families.

We visited BAMC and Ft Sam and thought about the experience of families coming to San Antonio to deal with the long term healing that occurs after leaving Landstuhl. Rather than spend money on office rent, we thought that we could take that money to buy land collocated with an office that could be left to support the severely wounded warriors after we no longer operate our business. We then moved forward with a strategy to acquire property in San Antonio that could have a positive impact on the severely wounded and their families. After several years and flights to San Antonio to look at properties, we were blessed to have the opportunity to acquire a natural preserve of over six acres.

Our vision for the Lorence Creek property was to provide a natural setting with lots of wildlife. The property needed to be large in size to provide a safe haven, isolated from the public, for severely wounded and families to be able to roam and spend time without disturbance and to experience natural peace in a difficult time in their lives. Protected areas are cherished places for physical, mental and spiritual rejuvenation and can improve the severely wounded’s healing and well-being through contact with nature. Public transient traffic through a natural protected preserve destroys the intended purpose of isolation and has dramatic impact on wildlife.

After acquiring the property, we informed the neighbors that touch the north side our property of our long term intention. Having been raised on my parent’s horse ranch, I learned of the profound effect horses have on people. My mother spent years letting distressed teens interact with horses to give them an escape. That experience led us to talk to Turkey Ranch riding stables at which time they expressed support.

We are currently faced with a possible forceful takeover of our property purchased with a dream, and greater vision than ownership for ourselves or our heirs. My mother and a few others founded the Baraboo Range Preservation Association and were successful in protecting thousands of acres of timber range through building restrictions and other efforts. We saw the level of effort of my mother’s work and financial commitment and know that there may be some heavy lifting for us if the city proceeds forward. The nature, environment, and the size of our Lorence Creek property is the premise of the acquisition for its intended long term purpose. The community along Lorence Creek is also interested in preserving the nature and environment and we will be supporting their efforts.

To protect the future intended purpose of our Lorence Creek property , this week we are researching legal assistance and have so far reached out to several law firms. We are not seeking to optimize a sale price, but to preserve an effort that will survive our lifetimes to help others most dramatically impacted to protect our way of life. A lawyer that was the first to respond spoke highly of the city team.

Since we are not seeking compensation, if the city proceeds, we will be put in a position of hourly charges with a legal team that we will put together, that may incorporate other legal offices specializing in preservation. We have the capacity to finance reasonable legal efforts. Having supported the military for decades, we have friendships with General and Chief levels through the ranks, active duty and retired. We may need to lean into those relationships to help in the event of a protracted effort.

The long term intended vision for our Lorence Creek property will be a real gem for District 9 and San Antonio for generations to come.

Bryan Naylor informed us that there was not a need to interact with property owners until the survey demonstrated interest in the trailhead. Our conversation with Bryan gave us the impression that the Proposed Lorence Creek Greenway Trailhead would be terminated quickly based upon our desire not to sell. We felt compelled to write this letter so positions of authority and impact for the Proposed Lorence Creek Greenway Trailhead could have some background for our desire to tenaciously stick to efforts to do something for those that have experienced the most tragic of wounds for us, our country, and our future.

David and Marie Askey