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Preserve our unfragmented low impact park

San Antonio has no program or initiative for an unfragmented low impact nature preserve.

With respect to natural habitat:

  • What is unfragmented? It is a natural habitat area that is not broken up by urban roads or recreational trailway construction. 
  • What is low impact?  It is when utilization of a habitat is very low.  Studies have proven that natural areas that do not have urban developed trails result in less traffic and provide high quality habitat for wildlife.
We need you

City proposes a 10 foot wide, cement constructed, recreational, high impact thoroughfare through Lorence Creek Park nature preserve

Lorence Creek will be transformed from a low impact and un-fragmented nature preserve to an urban recreational use thoroughfare.  San Antonio proposes to transform its only true nature preserve into a short dead-end trail spur. This spur will gain less than a 1000 yards of trail and and will induce highly trafficked recreational use through a pristine nature preserve.   Due to the degree of flooding in Lorence Creek and the acquisition of private property, project costs are very high.  Additionally, Lorence Creek frequently experiences heavy flooding, requiring high levels of maintenance  that will be a continuous burden on the tax payer. Friends of Lorence Creek Park takes the position that finishing San Antonio Greenway Trail major routes should be prioritized over the destruction of this preserve.  Major routes connect downtown to outlying areas. San Antonio Greenway Trails and millions of tax dollars should not focus on a short dead-end spur at the expense of a pristine habitat.

Save Lorence Creek

Protect what can not protect itself

Our habitats can not protect themselves, they must be protected by those who will stand against urban use encroachment and provide examples to our communities of the importance of a nature preserve.

Please vote to stop the taxpayer funded multi-million dollar Proposed Lorence Creek Greenway Extension Project.