Keeping Friends Informed

Friends of Lorence Creek Park is working to collect information.  If you have information you would like presented on this website, please contact us

Urban Recreation Impact On Habitat

Studies prove that the number of birds and other wildlife, and the diversity of species, is directly related to the amount of human recreation exposure. Additionally, San Antonio is heavily impacting habitat to mitigate drug trafficking and other crimes such as rape and murder in the park system. To avoid a few block bike ride through a serene, quiet, mature neighborhood, the city proposes to bring McAllister park into the small disconnected and naturally protected preserve that "is" Lorence Creek Park.

Effect of Thoroughfare to McAllister Park

Not only is the wildlife habitat impacted by a thoroughfare into McAllister Park but the Friends of Lorence Creek. For San Antonio Parks the two most-common crimes are vehicle burglaries and lewd conduct. McAllister Park ranks No. 1 for both. The disconnected community surrounding Lorence Creek Park will be subjected to the increased risk of direct connection to the highest crime park outside of central San Antonio.

We Support the future Askey Nature Center for the Intrepid wounded warrior

As detailed in a letter to the city by David and Marie Askey.